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How to add a Google Cloud Storage Input to your Logs Stack
How to add a Google Cloud Storage Input to your Logs Stack

Learn how to configure a Google Cloud Storage Input on your Logstash Instance

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To configure the Google Cloud Storage input in your Logstash stack, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Stack Settings > Logstash Inputs.

  2. Click on the "Add Input" button in the Logstash configuration wizard.

  3. Select the "Google Cloud Storage" option from the available input types.

  4. Complete the configuration details:

    • Bucket Id: Provide the ID of the bucket containing your log files.

    • JSON Key File: Enter the key to authenticate your user to the bucket. Ensure this service user has the storage.objects.update permission.

    • Interval: Set the number of seconds between looking for new files in your bucket (Default 60).

    • File Matches: Specify a regex pattern to filter files. Only files with names matching this pattern will be considered.

    • File Exclude: Exclude files matching this regex pattern from processing.

    • Metadata Key: Set this key on the objects after they've been processed by the plugin.

    • Delete: Choose whether the log file should be deleted after its contents have been updated (Default: False).

    • Unpack Gzip: If set to true, files ending in .gz are decompressed before being parsed by the codec.

    • Display Name: Provide a name for the Google Cloud Storage input.

    • Display Description: Add a description for better identification.

    • Tags: Assign tags to your events (comma-separated).

    • Type: Add a type field to all events handled by this input.

    • Add Field: Include additional fields in the events. You can add multiple key-value pairs.

  5. Click the "Configure Input" button to save the Google Cloud Storage input configuration.

  6. Click "Cancel" to discard changes.

This guide provides a step-by-step process for configuring a Google Cloud Storage input in Logstash. Adjust the values based on your specific use case and preferences.

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