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How can I start creating visualizations for my Logs with
How can I start creating visualizations for my Logs with

An overview of the visualization options available for Logs when using

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Creating Visualizations with has numerous options for creating visualizations thanks to our observability platform providing Logging, Metrics, and Tracing within a single platform. We will reference the resources below for each visualization type and outline how to create a visualization with

Working with Visualisations in

With you’re able to create powerful visualizations utilizing OpenSearch. The method has been broken down into simple steps below.

1. Launch OpenSearch: You can access your OpenSearch instance by selecting ‘Launch Logs’ (indicated with the OpenSearch logo) at the top right of your screen from the initial platform screen.

2. Discover Tab: Navigate to the ‘Discover’ tab in OpenSearch. Here, you can explore and save searches on your data.

3. Create and Save a Search: Use the search bar to filter your data to find the specific information you desire. Once you’ve filtered the data as desired, click the ‘save’ button and name your search.

4. Create a Visualization: After saving your search, go to the ‘visualize’ tab in OpenSearch, and click the ‘+ Create visualization’ button.

5. Select Visualization Type: In the visualization creation menu, select a visualization type you want to create, such as ‘data table’.

6. Choose Data Source: In your chosen visualization type configuration, select the saved search you created earlier as the data source. This ensures that the visualization uses the search results.

7. Customize the Visualization: In the visualization settings, you can further customize the appearance and the data that's included.

8. Save the Visualization: Once you’ve configured the visualization as required, save it within a descriptive name.

9. View and Export Visualization: After saving, you can view your visualization in the ‘Visualize’ tab. If you wish to export the visualization, you can do so directly from the visualization or from the ‘Discover’ tab. Visualizations can be exported in multiple formats including CSV and JSON.

The instructions above outline a specific example for creating visualizations in OpenSearch, if you wish to understand more about the range of visualizations you can create with Then, read one of our ‘What’s next’ articles.

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