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Infrastructure Metrics: Visualizers

Learn about how to work with Infrastructure Metrics Vizualizers and Dashboards in

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What are Grafana Dashboards/Visualizations?

Grafana offers various visualizations, which present data on your dashboards. Dashboards are a core feature of the Grafana open-source monitoring and observability platform. These dashboards are user-customizable interfaces that display visualizations of data from various sources, making it easier to monitor, analyze, and gain insights into systems, applications, and infrastructure.

Working with Visualizers/Grafana Dashboards

To locate Infrastructure Metrics Visualizers, from the initial dashboard, scroll down to find ‘Infrastructure Metrics’, to the right of this section you will find the ‘Visualizations’ card. Here you can utilize dashboards to gain insights from your metrics data, allowing you to visualize, explore, and comprehend the information necessary for well-informed decision-making.

Also, you can view your visualization in the Grafana tool by selecting ‘Launch’ next to ‘Grafana’ under ‘Services’.

Infrastructure Metrics: Visualizers/Grafana Dashboards

From here you can view your Grafana nodes and the individual instances, including the health and size of each.

This makes it easier to manage and monitor complex environments. Another advantage is that Grafana allows users to create custom metrics and visualizations. This flexibility is valuable for tailoring monitoring to the specific requirements of an organization.

Once you have selected “launch metrics” at the top of the overview page you will be able to generate your first dashboard in order to visualize your data. In Grafana from the left-hand menu you can select “new dashboard” to get started with visualizing your data for the first time:

From the next screen you can add a new panel to your dashboard to begin viewing the graphs associated with the data being forwarded to your Grafana instance:

The following example displays the next screen you will see once you have selected to add a new panel, once you have adjusted the graph to display the metrics that you wish to measure simply select “apply” to save this new panel as part of your dashboard:

From here you can continue to add more panels that display the key metrics you wish to view on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions or issues viewing your data, then reach out to a member of the team via live chat and we’ll be happy to help.

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