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Logs Management: Log Volume Count
Logs Management: Log Volume Count

Learn how to check your Logs Management Log Volume count

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Updated over a week ago Logs Management’s Logs Management is an extensive log management platform that significantly reduces the time investment, and costs typically associated with data analysis, reporting, and alerting for critical performance issues, in comparison to conventional log management solutions. Our platform ensures you only pay for the resources you utilize, without any mandatory monthly charges or the need for additional payment for separate licenses to get started.

Working with Logs in Logs Management

Locating your log volume count in Logs Management is easy. From the initial dashboard, find the Logs Management section (see image above), this should be the first section of the dashboard you see. From here, select ‘Statistics’ in the top right corner of this section. This will take you to a page titled ‘Usage Statistics’.

Here you can view a range of statistics relating to your Logs and usage. You can view the number of Logs used today and their volume. To find your Log volume count, navigate to the ‘Logs Count’ section where you can view the number of Logs used for a given time period. For the time period, you can select either 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days or 365 days.

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