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Logs Management: Storage Overview
Logs Management: Storage Overview

Learn about how to work with Logs Management Storage in

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What is Log Management Storage?

Log management storage refers to the infrastructure and systems used to store and manage log data generated by applications, servers, network devices, and other IT components. Effective log management storage is essential for maintaining the health, security, and performance of IT systems.

Working with Logs Management Storage

From your dashboard, you will find ‘Logs Management.’ Navigate to the middle card between ‘Ingestion Pipeline’ and ‘Visualizers’ to find further details about your Log Management ‘Storage’.

Logs Management: Storage

Delving deeper into the capabilities of the ‘storage’ section in ‘Logs Management’ you will notice the ellipses at the top right of the ‘Storage’ card.

Alerting & Notifications

If you click on the ellipses you will see an option for ‘alerting & notifications’ and ‘OpenSearch Settings’. If you select ‘alerting & notifications’ you’ll be able to enable powerful alerting for your stack.

Opensearch Settings

After clicking the ellipses, If you select ‘Opensearch settings’ you will be able to view the version of Opensearch your nodes are currently running, switch between authentication modes and access the API endpoints for Opensearch.

OpenSearch Nodes

OpenSearch Nodes refer to the individual instances or containers that make up your OpenSearch cluster. OpenSearch is an open-source search and analytics engine designed for various data search and analysis use cases. Here you can view the separate instances, their health, RAM and cores.

Alerting Nodes

Alerting nodes are the separate instances that are part of your alerts. Here you can view the version of these nodes and the individual health of each instance.

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