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How to Change the Email for Invoicing
How to Change the Email for Invoicing

Learn how to change and/or update the emails that receive invoices

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Working with Invoices and Managing Teams/Users

To find your invoices, navigate to the menu of the far left side of the page, you will see ‘Invoices’ under ‘Account Settings’. If you wish to change which email address receives invoices, find the ‘Manage Team’ section, below ‘Manage Users’ on the far left of your screen. From here you can assign members of your team access to specific sections of your account.

For this example, you can assign a different member of your team as the ‘Billing Administrator’ which will allow them to manage payments details, subscriptions and access invoices.

If you wish to change the email that receives invoices to someone outside of your team or a separate email, then engaging a member of your team who is included within the account Owners group is required. This is an additional security step that is crucial to make this change for compliance reasons.

If you have any difficulty with actioning this please speak to us via our live chat or email support at

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