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How can I pay for a different plan for each stack
How can I pay for a different plan for each stack

Learn how to pay for a different plan for each Stack to give you further flexibility across your plans

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Updating Your Plan

To locate your plan, you can select ‘account settings’ from the left side menu, and then select ‘plan’. You will arrive at a page that details your current subscription, including your number of Stacks and the costs associated with each Stack.

Below this initial summary, you will find the list of your individual Stacks. If you have multiple stacks you can see the current limit and retention period for each of your stacks. If you wish, you can change these individual Stacks’ current plans to have a different data limit or retention period. You do not need to have the same plan across all of your Stacks.

Payment Methods

If you wish to use a different payment method for a specific stack, then we advise you to get in contact with us so we can put this through for you. Also, additional payment methods are available (such as the ability to make a payment via PO) simply reach out to support to learn more about these options.

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