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SSL Certificate Expiry Notice
SSL Certificate Expiry Notice

Notification and guides associated with the rotation of Logstash SSL certificates

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Your Logstash instance SSL Certificate is due to expire on the 20th November 2023.

We will need to rotate the certificate used on your Logstash endpoints before the current certificate expires.

If you are sending over a SSL/TLS connection and have configured verification against a specific certificate you will need to update your configuration.

Configurations likely to need updating include sending from Syslog and older Filebeat installations (typically v1.3 or below) configurations - how to update your configurations

If you take no further action we will be upgrading all stacks from the 13th November.

Expected time for the upgrade to complete is less than 2 minutes.

Further information and FAQs can be found in the Help Centre.



Can i update the certificate now?

Yes. The updated certificate file contains both the old and new root certificates and should be updated as soon as possible, if you have any issues with the new certificate, please contact us.

I haven't configured a certificate anywhere?

Our old and new certificates are trusted by default in most systems, if you have not configured a specific certificate, you should not need to do anything.

Why do your need to do this?

Logit signed SSL certificates are typically valid for 1 year, our current certificate is nearing its expiry date and the root certificate has changed on our new certificate

What happens if I do not replace the certificate?

The certificate needs replacing before it expires. 

The exact consequences of not replacing the certificate would depend on the specific software sending your logs but typically your sender would refuse to establish any new connections to logstash after the certificate expires.

Can you check my configuration for me?

Contact us via support or get in touch with your account manager and we will discuss further options.

If I’m sending from an amazon s3 bucket do I need to do anything? 

No changes should be required, although we will still need to restart your Logstash instance to upgrade the certificate.

If I’m sending directly to Elasticsearch do I need to do anything? 

No, the certificate has already been updated.

If I'm sending via do I need to do anything? 

No, the certificate has already been updated.

How do i know i have the correct certificate?

The md5 hash of the combined old and new certificate file is daad4cba4794e9dc4c34bbdbc70bcc41

md5sum /etc/rsyslog.d/keys/ca.d/
md5 /etc/rsyslog.d/keys/ca.d/
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