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What region are my Logs, Metrics and Tracing data stored in?
What region are my Logs, Metrics and Tracing data stored in?

See your options for choosing the required geographical data center for storing your logs, metrics and traces

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When incorporating a into your workflow, you gain the flexibility to choose from a range of dedicated data centers located in various key regions across Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

This strategic choice empowers you to align your Stack's hosting location with your specific geographic requirements, thereby ensuring compliance with regional data regulations and local compliance standards.

Tailored Regional Hosting

Selecting the appropriate storage region for your account holds paramount importance as it guarantees that your data processing operations adhere to the precise data guidelines of your region. By matching your geographic area with the corresponding data center, you can proactively meet local compliance mandates.

Global Accessibility

Your freedom to choose a data center is not tethered to your own geographic location. empowers its users to create an account with data hosted in any of the previously mentioned regions, regardless of where you or your systems are physically based. This affords you the capability to craft a data strategy that aligns with your specific business needs and compliance objectives.

Inspecting Your Account's Current Region Setting

To review the regional setting associated with your existing account, navigate to the Account Settings option located within your dashboard's left-hand menu. Here, you will find a comprehensive account profile, which prominently displays the region selected for your account. This information is accessible within the overview section of your account.

Establishing the Region for Your Account

It is essential to note that the storage region is an account-level setting. Therefore, when you create your first Stack under an account, the region you select will automatically become the default region for that account. Subsequently, any additional Stacks added to the account will also be hosted in the default account region.

When Additional Regions are Required

In scenarios where you need to host Stacks in an additional region, we strongly recommend the creation of a new account. You can conveniently initiate this process by selecting the "New Account" option available in the left-hand dashboard menu. offers you the versatility to tailor your data hosting to meet both your regional and global needs, all while adhering to regulatory compliance standards. If you have any questions about where your data is being stored, feel free to reach out to us via live chat or

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