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Infrastructure Metrics: Metrics Audit Log Overview
Infrastructure Metrics: Metrics Audit Log Overview

Learn how to view Infrastructure Metrics Audit Log history in

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What are Audit Logs?

Audit Logs in the context of Infrastructure Metrics refer to records or logs that capture and document actions or events related to the management and monitoring of an organization's IT infrastructure. These logs are crucial for ensuring the security, compliance, and operational integrity of an infrastructure.

Working Infrastructure Metrics: Audit Logs?

To locate Infrastructure Metrics Audit Logs, from the initial dashboard navigate to the menu on the left side. Find the heading ‘Infrastructure Metrics’ and under this, you’ll find ‘Audit logs’.

Infrastructure Metrics: Audit Logs

Here, you can use this page to retrieve and search internal stack-level activities based on event type, IP address, and name within your infrastructure metrics Stack. Additionally, you can organize them by name and display events from the preceding 30 days. Here are a few examples of the available information: someone has recently started using a visualizer, accepted an invitation to join a Stack, or made changes to their Stack configuration. Finally, towards the bottom of the page, you'll have the option to download audit log results in either CSV or JSON format for archiving or auditing purposes.

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