APM: OpenTelemetry Inputs

Learn how to view and edit your OpenTelemetry inputs in Logit.io

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What is OpenTelemetry?

OpenTelemetry is an open-source project and set of APIs, libraries, agents, and instrumentation to provide observability for applications. It enables the collection of telemetry data from software systems to monitor, trace, and analyze their behavior and performance. OpenTelemetry is designed to help developers and operations teams gain insights into the health and behavior of distributed and microservices-based applications.

Working with OpenTelemetry Inputs in APM

‘OpenTelemetry Inputs’ can be located from the menu on the left, under the heading ‘Application Performance Monitoring’.

APM: OpenTelemetry Inputs

This page provides access to the OpenTelemetry endpoint details, allowing you to retrieve and copy the information required for sending data to your Stack. It will include information such as: plugin, protocol, port, https username and https password.

Stack OpenTelemetry Endpoint

This is the endpoint where you can send OpenTelemetry data to your Logit.io Stack for analysis and monitoring. It's represented as a unique identifier: "12345-9871-4ff0-6789-696ef2841b55-apm.logit.io."

Copy Endpoint Button

This button allows you to copy the Stack OpenTelemetry endpoint to your clipboard for easy use when configuring data sources.


It indicates the protocol you can use to send data to the provided endpoint. In this case, "https" and "grpc" are the available options.


The port number you need to use when configuring the data source to send data to the specified endpoint. It lists "1234" as the port number for both "https" and "grpc."

Https User and Https Password

These fields might be used for authentication when sending data over HTTPS. However, they are currently hidden or not visible, so you may need to reveal them to enter the appropriate credentials if required

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