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Infrastructure Metrics: Ingestion Pipeline
Infrastructure Metrics: Ingestion Pipeline

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What are Ingestion Pipelines?

An Infrastructure Metrics Ingestion Pipeline is a system designed to collect, process, and store metrics and performance data from various components of an organization's IT infrastructure. This ingestion pipeline is a crucial part of monitoring and managing the health and performance of IT systems and services.

Working with Infrastructure Metrics: Ingestion Pipeline

The Infrastructure Metrics Ingestion Pipeline can be found from the initial dashboard. First, scroll down to Infrastructure Metrics as shown above, which is normally found after ‘Logs Management’. Here you’ll find three cards, the one on the left is the ‘Ingestion Pipeline.’

Infrastructure Metrics: Ingestion Pipeline

With the Ingestion Pipeline, optimize your data processing pipeline with VM Agents, allowing you to tailor the way you extract data. Also, you can view the health of VM Agent nodes. By clicking the ellipses at the top right of the ingestion pipeline card you will open a menu that will show you an option to ‘Edit Scrape Config’.

Edit Scrape Config

By selecting ‘Edit Scrape Config’ from the dropdown menu you will be taken to a page where you can add configuration for your Victoria Metrics Agent.

VM Agent Nodes

In the context of VictoriaMetrics, "nodes" typically refer to instances or servers that are part of a VictoriaMetrics cluster or deployment. These nodes work together to store and query time series data efficiently. The individual instances can be viewed here, as well as their health and memory details.

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