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How do I load and view dashboards in my Metrics Stack
How do I load and view dashboards in my Metrics Stack

Load and view metrics dashboards within

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To access dashboards within your metrics stack, start by navigating to the dashboard. Once you're on the dashboard, scroll down until you locate the 'Infrastructure Metrics' section. Simply click on 'Launch' next to 'Grafana' under the 'Services' section. This will take you to Grafana, where you can analyse and interact with your metrics data.

Within Grafana, you can kickstart your journey into visualizing your metrics by choosing "New Dashboard" from the menu on the left-hand side.

On the following screen, you have the option to include a new panel on your dashboard, allowing you to initiate the display of graphs linked to the metrics sent to your Grafana instance.

The subsequent example illustrates the screen that appears after selecting the option to add a new panel. After customizing the graph to showcase the specific metrics you want to measure, simply click "Apply" to preserve this new panel as part of your new dashboard.

From here, you can proceed to include additional panels that showcase the essential metrics you want to monitor consistently.

To access pre existing dashboards, start from the initial screen dashboard’s menu, and choose "Browse" to view the dashboards currently accessible, depending on your account's permission level.

If you encounter any questions or encounter difficulties while accessing your metrics dashboards, don't hesitate to contact us through our live chat, and we'll gladly assist you.

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