APM: Storage Overview

Learn how to view and monitor your APM storage in Logit.io

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What is APM Storage?

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) storage, in the context of APM solutions, refers to the data storage infrastructure and mechanisms used to store the performance data and metrics collected from applications and IT systems. APM tools continuously monitor applications and infrastructure components to gather data on performance metrics, errors, logs, and other relevant information. This data is then stored for analysis, troubleshooting, and reporting purposes.

Working with APM Storage

From your dashboard, scroll down to find the application performance monitoring (APM) section. You will then find the ‘Storage’ card between ‘Ingestion pipeline’ and ‘Visualizers where you can find further details about your APM Storage nodes.’

OpenSearch Nodes

Looking further into the capabilities of the APM storage section. You can view your Opensearch nodes and their version. OpenSearch Nodes are the individual units or containers comprising your OpenSearch cluster. Also, you can view individual instances, including their health, size and cores.

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