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How do I load and view dashboards in my trial stack?
How do I load and view dashboards in my trial stack?

Learn how to load and view your dashboards

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Updated over a week ago is a log management and analysis platform that allows you to centralise and analyse your logs and metrics from various sources such as applications, servers, and cloud platforms. To help you get started, we have created a step by step guide below:

  1. Choose ‘Guide me’ in the left hand menu or at the top of your screen, and go to Step 4 ‘Choose Dashboards’

  2. Select ‘System’ under ‘Metrics Management Dashboards’ for predefined dashboards to visualise system metrics from the Metricbeat shipper.

  3. Now return to the dashboard and choose ‘Launch logs’.

  4. You can view the dashboards you just loaded in the stack from the left menu. You will see you have a number of Metricbeat dashboards now available to you. I’m going to open the one called [Metricbeat System] Overview ECS

In minutes, lets you send, filter, analyse and quickly derive value from your data.

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