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How do I add sample data to my stack?
How do I add sample data to my stack?

Start using by learning how to send Sample data to your stack

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Setting up, configuring and sending logs and metrics to Logstash can appear to be a complicated process. If you are not quite ready to configure and ship your own data just yet, you can still start to become familiar with the platform by sending sample data to your stack.

We have created a step by step tutorial video to walk you through the process. Additionally, a step by step guide is also written below.

  1. To send Sample data into your stack, simply select the ‘Add Sample Data’ button.

  2. A new tab will open in your browser from where you can choose from three sample data sets. Select 'Add data' for your preferred sample data sets, once installed, select ‘View Data.’ this will open the predefined dashboard for your sample log data.

  3. From here, you have powerful search and filtering options that allow you to quickly analyse your data. You can choose from the date selector to drill down as required.

  4. To look at the raw log data, choose 'Discover' in the left hand menu. Your data can be stored in different indexes, to view the sample log data, choose the sample data index pattern.

5. You can see the timeline across the top of the screen, the stack is receiving the sample log data, so you can now filter making it easier and faster to find what you need. You can do this by dragging the cursor across the timeline at the top of the screen to drill down into a specific time period.

6. You can also expand each individual log so you can look deeper into the raw data.

7. You can make the view more useful and manageable by selecting just the fields of data you want to see in the main view using the icons on the left.

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