How to view your logs in Grafana

From your dashboard choose the Launch Grafana button for any of your Stacks and under the Grafana left menu choose the Explore Option. dashboard

Once you have a few logs stored in Elasticsearch you should be able to view them from Grafana. Make sure that you have the correct date range specified at the top-right corner of Grafana so that you are viewing logs received roughly around the same time you sent them.

Grafana date range

Then your explore view should look similar to the following:

Grafana basic dashboard

The dashboard page lets you create useful graphs and visualisations for displaying your data depending on your requirements, to get started choose the + symbol from the left menu and then Create. From here you can choose to add an empty panel.

Grafana add new panel user interface

This brings up the Edit Panel screen shown below, where you can customise the data displayed. In the example below we are displaying the average value for the selected field and displaying this as a bar graph. You can use the right panel to customise a whole host of options for how to display the data in your dashboard panel.

Edit Grafana panel

You will notice at the top of your Grafana dashboard, Elasticsearch is selected as the data source, you can launch both Kibana and Grafana for any Stack and use your preferred tool depending on your use case.

Using the blue refresh button in the top right, you can drop down the list and select a time to refresh and update the dashboard automatically.

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