You may have seen other log management tools use language on their pricing page such as calculate 1.4x the price displayed to figure out the actual monthly billing costs.

These providers often use fine print and may even go as far as A/B testing what pricing they display for the same service or plan so that it is even more difficult to figure out what you will be actually charged.

At, the pricing you see on the pricing page, plan and your bill are fully transparent. Our users aren’t faced with hidden charges as part of their billing and any additional services required (such as cold storage and archiving) have their costs clearly communicated before they are implemented.

Unlike, you may also encounter service providers that charge additional fees for handling metrics and upholding additional compliance standards (such as PCI DSS). on their pricing pages. charges the same pricing for logs including metrics data as well as long as this fits within the data allowance you’ve selected. All of our service levels include compliance as standard for your ease of mind.

If you have any questions about this then feel free to reach out via live chat or email and one of our team will respond shortly.

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