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Configure Change Alerts for OpenSearch
Configure Change Alerts for OpenSearch

Find out more about how to create a change alert for your OpenSearch logs or metrics in this article from

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A Change alert matches when a certain monitored field value compare_key changes, the field must change for the last event with the same query_key field value.

This would allow you to receive alerts in scenarios such as if there is a match on two events for the same username field query_key and the country_name field compare_key is different in the same day timeframe.

Additionally, you can choose to ignore_null values, this will mean that events without a compare_key will not count as changed. Here is an example below:

name: "Change alert example"
type: change
index: "*-*"

compare_key: country_name

ignore_null: true

query_key: username

days: 1

- query:
query: "type: login"

- "email"

- ""

Additional Options

In addition, you can also provide a timeframe value to define the maximum time between changes, after which time period the previous value of compare_key will be forgotten.

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