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Configure Percentage Match Alerts for OpenSearch
Configure Percentage Match Alerts for OpenSearch

How to create a percentage match alert for your OpenSearch logs or metrics

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A Percentage Match alert matches when the percentage of documents within a match_bucket_filter within a calculation window (by default buffer_time) is higher or lower than a relative percentage value max_percentage.

This would allow you to receive alerts in scenarios such as If there is a 20% increase max_percentage in the number of 500 errors match_bucket_filter within a 15 minutes timeframe buffer_time you would receive an alert to your configured channel. Here is an example below:

name: "Percentage match example"
type: percentage_match
index: "*-*"

- query:
query: "agent.hostname:azure"

- query_string:
query: "router.status: [500 TO 599]"

doc_type: _doc

max_percentage: 20

minutes: 3

- "email"

- ""

Additional Options

In addition, you can also provide a filter query to limit the initial results that the match_bucket_filter will be applied to.

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