Kibana SQL Workbench Introduction

Kibana SQL Workbench gives you the ability to query data from Elasticsearch much easier when compared to standard DSL, test your findings before saving and quickly convert familiar SQL syntax into its REST equivalent where required.

If you are already familiar with making Elasticsearch queries using SQL then the SQL Workbench will be a welcome addition to your Elastic Stack workflow.

Tip: Kibana security roles requires a Logit Stack running Opendistro 1.13 onwards

Kibana Query Workbench overview

To get started, launch Kibana from your dashboard and choose Query Workbench from the left menu.

Exporting query data

In the event that you are more comfortable with seeing your query as a tabbed format or wish to export this as a CSV, JDBC or JSON file this is also possible thanks to this convenient interface.

Export Kibana query data

Building queries using Typeahead

By starting to type a term you see typeahead suggestions to assist with building your query. The typeahead is based on your data model and so makes building queries much simpler.

Query workbench editor

Converting SQL into Elasticsearch JSON

By taking advantage of the Explain functionality you can easily convert your SQL queries into Elasticsearch JSON queries which would normally take considerable time and effort. To translate a SQL statement into valid Elasticsearch JSON from the Query Builder, add your valid SQL query and then choose Explain.

How to convert SQL into Elasticsearch JSON

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