To grant Index Level access for user of your Stack you first need to create a team and configure the required Kibana Custom Role. This is a special role that allows you to manage the users within this team entirely using the Kibana Security interface. Based on your permissions you can view your teams via Account Settings > Teams. From here you can view existing and add new teams for your account.

Adding a Kibana Custom Role Team

All Logit accounts have a number of predefined teams that you can use to manage common scenarios, in this case we want to add a new team, so choose ‘Create a new team’. Give the team a suitable name e.g. Kibana Custom Role Team

Under roles select Kibana Custom Role and choose which Stacks this role will apply to.

By adding a user to a team that has the Kibana Custom Role selected, this gives you the flexibility to decide their permissions directly using Kibana Security.

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