To grant Kibana User Read Only or Kibana User Dashboard Only access to a Stack you first need to create a team and configure the required role. Based on your permissions you can view your teams via Account Settings > Teams. From here you can view existing and add new teams for your account.

Adding a Read-Only or Dashboard Only Team

All Logit accounts have a number of predefined teams that you can use to manage common scenarios, in this case, we want to add a new team, so choose ‘Create a new team’. Give the team a suitable name e.g. Kibana Read Only or Dashboard Only team.

Under the Stack Only Permission Roles section choose Manage Roles for the required Stack and check either Kibana User Read Only or Kibana User Dashboard Only depending on your requirements. At the bottom of the screen choose the Team members that need to be added to the team and choose Apply Changes once happy.

Tip!: It's worth noting that if you configure a team to have multiple roles the team will always be granted the role with the least permissions in Kibana security roles.

When you choose to add or update a team, the users in the team are automatically synchronised and mapped to the relevant Kibana Security Roles. You can view the Kibana security Roles by opening Kibana and choosing Security > Roles.

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