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What happens if I go over my daily log volume limit?
What happens if I go over my daily log volume limit?

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At times you may go over the amount of data that your plan allows, when this happens you will see a 'Stack Limit Reached' message.

Stack limit reached error message

Don’t worry, your data is safe and will continue to be sent to your Stacks. All accounts include over-usage protection and auto-scale to ensure that your data will be captured even if you exceed your plan level.

Tip: You may exceed your plan level by up to 100% on any three days in a rolling 30-day period.

If this is exceeded, your plan will automatically resize to match the new volume, this will ensure that any data loss is prevented. If you have highly variable log volumes, please get in contact with us via live chat or by using our contact us form to help find the correct plan for your needs.

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