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How calculates daily index sizes and used volume statistics
How calculates daily index sizes and used volume statistics

Learn about used volume statistics and how they relate to index sizes for the current day

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Why is the index size sometimes less than that reported in Stack usage Statistics?

Logs Sent is calculated from the maximum amount of disk utilised by OpenSearch for a particular day, for the primary data store.
It's important to be aware that when viewing the Elasticsearch index status (using /_cat/indices) this page reports by default in Gibibyte (GiB - and Logit reports usage in the more commonly used Gigabyte (GB -, hence a difference when trying to compare the values.

You can always query the elasticsearch index api and return the in bytes (/_cat/indices?h=index,, which can then be converted into GB's.

Are the elastalert_status indexes included in the daily usage statistics?

The elastalert_status indexes aren't included in the usage statistics and the cut of time for index size calculation is UTC 00:00. Indexes that are currently in use are normally slightly larger in size than older indexes, this is due to older indexes being compressed.

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