Based on your permissions you can view your teams via Account Settings > Teams. From here you can view existing and add new teams for your account. Teams allow you to group related users together for easier management. You can also 'Assign Role Options' for the team and 'Assign Levels Of Access' to decide what a specific member can do from this same view.

Adding a team

All Logit accounts have a number of predefined teams that you can use to manage common scenarios like Administration and Billing. To add a new team choose the ‘Create a new team’.

Enter a short, memorable name for your team, select the required Roles based on this team’s responsibilities and choose which Stacks this team will be able to view. You can create multiple teams each with different permission levels for the selected stacks giving you complete flexibility.

Modifying and Deleting teams

By choosing 'Assign Role Options' for an existing team you are able to update the team name and modify the roles and stacks associated with that team. If the team is no longer required, choose ‘Delete this team’ at the bottom of the screen to permanently remove it, be careful as this action cannot be undone!

Specify Levels Of Access for a team member

Once you have configured your teams as required, the next step is to add the required users into the teams, to do this choose 'Assign Level of access' for a given team. All users across your account will be displayed. A user can be either a 'Member' of the team or a 'Team Leader.' Members can access all of the Stacks assigned to this team, Team Leader is a special role that allows the user to manage, add and remove members for this team only but not view Stacks.

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