Why would I use the Logit Ingestion API?

You would use the Logit Ingestion API to send JSON content to your Logit ELK stack over HTTP/s.

The JSON content can be a single message or a JSON file.

How do I use the Logit Ingestion API?

Getting started sending data to Logit is quick and simple, using our Data Source Wizard you can access pre-configured setup and snippets for a wide variety of data sources.

Logit.io data sources overview

How to use the Data Source Wizardย 

  1. Login to your Logit account.

  2. For any of your Logit stacks choose Send Data To Stack

  3. Find the data source you are configuring by either using the filters, typing the name or you can just browse for it.ย 

  4. Follow the steps for your chosen data source (you can copy the snippets including pre-populated stack ids and keys ๐Ÿ˜ƒ).

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