How to view the Owners?

Providing you are already an 'Owner' and have the correct permissions, you can view the ownership details by logging into your dashboard, selecting 'Account Settings' then clicking the 'Teams' option on the side menu. From there you can select 'Assign members' to view the owner(s).

Inviting additional people to the account

To add an additional owner that isn't already a member, you need to invite the additional person to the account. To do this go to the 'People' option on the side menu.  From here you can either enable your invite token, then copy and send this to the person you need to invite, or alternatively, they can send you their account id when they first join Logit.

Assigning or removing additional Owners

Once you have done this, go back to the 'Teams' tab on the side menu and click 'Assign Members' to the Owners team. From here you can use the checkbox to select and deselect people in the Owners Team. You need at least one person selected at all times.

Don't have access to the owners account? 

If you don't have access to the owners account please reach out by contacting our support team via live chat, they'll be happy to assist.

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