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Find out more about Logit.io, our mission and how we were founded in this help article providing a brief overview.

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Where we started...

For all the times we have heard, "Please tell me we have the logs for that?" Logit.io was created in 2013 to solve that very problem. We provide a complete log management platform that delivers a fully customised logging and metrics service to everyone from small businesses & startups to fast-growing international organisations.

Where we are now...

Today our platform serves thousands of users, around the world, who use our platform on a daily basis. With enterprise customers sending terabytes of logs per day. From our Manchester headquarters in the UK, we're incredibly proud to build a product that is such a core foundation of so many businesses.

Our mission...

It should be incredibly easy to securely log what's happening in your organisation and at any moment question and analyse that data. Our goal is to make this process so easy that every barrier to entry is removed, delivering your team and organisation valuable insights into your data when you need it. Any software, any hardware, any format, anywhere.

You're in good company...

Our platform serves hundreds of customers worldwide, solving complex problems for FTSE 100, Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations alike. Logit.io's customers include; Maersk, Pivotal, UK Government, Guesty, IBM, BioCatch and more.

Certifications and compliance 

Logit.io is audited by an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 UKAS-certified auditor and is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

The security and privacy of your data is the biggest consideration in everything we do since you are placing your trust in our service. We want you to know that we have implemented security standards and operational processes using industry standards to protect your data. Logit.io gives you all the tools and control over what data you send to our platform. You may configure your applications and infrastructure to only send the data you need.

Logit.io also has PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Service Provider Certification. This means that at Logit.io we are committed to the security of storing, processing and transmitting credit card transactions. Through frequent assessment and auditing of our policies and processes, as well as internal scans, external penetration testing and regular network scans by an ASV, we are ensuring that we are fully adhering to credit card data compliance and security.

Furthermore, Logit.io is GDPR compliant, HIPPA compliant, Cyber Essentials compliant and SOC2 compliant

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