Exporting to JSON

Kibana provides the capabilities to export saved objects created by the user using the Management menu. You can export saved dashboards, search results, and visualisations under the saved objects tab. This page allows you to selectively export one or more objects contained a single "export.json" file. This can be used to backup data and then imported at any time using the import button as shown below:

Exporting Visualisations to CSV

On the Visualize menu, once you have created a visualisation and start seeing results, you can export to CSV using the Raw or Formatted buttons at the bottom of the results panel. You may need to press the circle arrow button to see this panel as it may be minimised. See the screenshot below:

Both the raw and formatted options will export a CSV file and include headers using the CSV data format, however the latter option will format data rows in a more human-readable format, similar to the data shown in the results panel. The raw version will show more specific values for numbers and the date/time values will used timestamps rather than easy to read labels (i.e. October 1st 2019).

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