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How can I view my ELK stack usage and daily log volume?
How can I view my ELK stack usage and daily log volume?

Discover how calculates your Elasticsearch stack disk usage in our helpful guide.

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Daily Log Volume

Upon logging into your account, the stack usage dashboard page displays your daily log volume. dashboard

You can use this, along with an estimate of the percentage of logs that you have sent us.

How is Stack Usage calculated?

The platform calculates stack usage based on the total disk used for Elasticsearch indexes for a given day. 

The values used to display usage in the statistics page are calculated using the max index sizes and data directly gathered from your Elasticsearch stacks.

Viewing your usage statistics 

After logging in, for any stack, choose 'View Stack Settings' > 'Usage Statistics' to dive deeper into your data volumes. usage statistics

If you have concerns about your usage accuracy, viewing the Elasticsearch _cat/indices value does give you an indication of how the usage data correlates.

Use the URL below to view your indices.


How to use the code

  1. Replace [STACK ID] with your stack id, which can be found in your dashboard.

  2. Replace [API KEY] with your API key, which can be found on your stack settings page.

  3. Open the URL in your browser.

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