Logit takes the best open source logging software in the World and adds what we all need.

You hear log management, you think ELK. There's a reason. Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana working together are so powerful. We wrap the stack up for you and add what's missing.

Whether it's securing role based access or alerting on mission critical services, deploying in production brings a whole new set of requirements. Every feature needed for logging at scale, we've added it.

What can I do with Logit?

Simplify your log management: The Logit platform makes management of your ELK stacks simple, add isolated stacks in minutes, all highly available and production ready.

  • Search your logs in realtime: Ask a question and get answers quickly, even at scale. Ship logs with Filebeat and Metricbeat, index into Elasticsearch and analyse in Kibana in seconds. 
  • Detect threats before they become a problem: Get a complete picture of what's happening across your systems in real time. Use alerts to analyse your data as it's indexed and stop malicious events in their tracks. 
  • Analyse security analytics fast: It's not a matter of if but when attacks will happen on your infrastructure. When your teams need answers fast, ELK has got your back. 

Who uses Logit?

  • DevOps teams: who need to smartly gather metrics, analyse proxy or firewall logs and respond to critical security incidents.
  • Software Development teams: who need to understand application performance and bottlenecks, and be alerted to issues with their code.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Teams: who need to interactively hunt for threats and easily look back over time, to identify when a breach occurred.
  • Reliability Engineering teams: to detect any potential errors within infrastructure that could be critical to the service.
  • Legal and Security compliance teams: who need to ensure legal or auditing requirements in products that require easily accessible logs for specific periods of time.

What's next?

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